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We will provide children with opportunities to develop socially, emotionally, physically and cognitively. Loving teachers foster self-esteem through relationships with adults who express acceptance and respect for all children. We use the techniques of Conscious Discipline to build a caring, respectful relationship with peers and adults. We create an environment that allows children to utilize problem-solving techniques with peers.


Our professionally trained and qualified staff guides students in their learning by providing learning activities and materials that are concrete, real and meaningful to the lives of young

children. By offering a developmentally appropriate curriculum, we recognize that all children are different and to allow such differences to surface in daily activities.


 Our classrooms offer children teacher-directed activities as well as much time for free choice center times to explore concepts through hands on activities.   Teachers are always building on expressive language and provide time for children to share and talk throughout the day as we focus on all areas of learning. 


Our students will rotate through 4 classrooms during their day. Reading & Alphabet Room; Math & Science Room; Music & Movement Room; & Art Room.  Classroom time allows for developing skills by providing the following activities: Alphabet· Numbers · Shapes & Color Recognition · Science · Writing Skills · Creative Dramatics · Classroom Skills · Social Situations · Cooking · Learning Games · Hands-0n Work Time · Literature · Communication Skills · Stories · Finger Plays · Puppets · Exploratory Experiences · Fine Motor Enrichment Activities ·Finger Painting · Murals · Sculpting · Print Making · Projects including: Cutting Skills · Glue, Chalk, Clay, Markers, Ink and Paints · Climbing · Jumping · Skipping · Throwing · Catching · Moving to Music · Music and Singing Activities · Playing Musical Instruments · Taking Turns · Playing Organized Games.

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